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The Secret to our Estate Jewelry

At Ross-Simons, we’re proud to have one of the best Estate jewelry collections out there. We choose jewelry that is truly unique and special, so that our customers can get a one-of-a-kind piece for amazing value. So how do we manage to find thousands of extraordinary Estate items every year? Here’s a behind the scenes look at how we pick the Estate jewelry you love.

  1. Uniqueness: We try to find pieces that really are one-of-a-kind. Out of production pieces, such as a pair of 1940 cuff links from Tiffany’s, are especially desirable because of their rarity. We feel very lucky when we come across items like that which have managed to make it through the years without getting lost, broken, or melted down for scrap metal. When we say “unique,” we mean it’s something that you wouldn’t come across every day, but that’s still in good condition, which brings us to our next criteria…
  2. Quality: We sometimes find beautiful Estate pieces, but don’t feel right about buying them. Why? Because if a piece is not in good condition, and if we don’t think it has enough wear left in it, then it’s not good enough for our customers. Even if a piece is missing just one small diamond, for example, it can still be a deal-breaker, because we need to match it with a diamond that fits with that particular piece. We refuse to detract from the overall look of a piece by, for example, replacing an old rose-cut diamond with a modern round-cut. So if we don’t have the proper resources to restore the piece without changing the true essence of it, then it does not go into our inventory.
  3. Value: One advantage of Estate jewelry is the great value that it offers. Over the years, manufacturing and material costs have increased in the jewelry industry (as is true in many other industries as well), so prices have naturally gone up. However, those costs don’t affect Estate jewelry, so we’re able to offer high-quality, beautiful, one-of-a-kind jewelry for an amazing price. For example, a gold bracelet in perfect condition from 1975 would likely cost much less than the exact same bracelet from 2011. And it has the added special touch of being vintage!

Selling Your Vintage Jewelry

People sell their Estate jewelry for many reasons. Perhaps it’s a ring they bought many years ago and never wear anymore, or they’ve inherited their grandmother’s necklace, and it’s simply not their style. The old saying goes “One person’s junk is another person’s treasure,” and that’s the beauty of Estate jewelry. Everyone’s personal style is a little bit different, so it’s wonderful that you can sell an item you’re not so fond of, knowing that there’s someone out there who will fall in love with that very piece.

So, you’re considering selling a piece of Estate jewelry (or “Antique” if it is over 100 years old). The most important thing is: make sure you go to a trusted source to get it appraised and subsequently sell it. Soliciting a few different opinions is always a good idea, especially with something that could be very valuable. Also look online or at jewelry stores to the prices of pieces similar to yours. Keep in mind that you will most likely receive less than that because whoever you’re selling to needs to make a profit. Also consider the condition of your piece. Items needing repair usually have less value than jewelry in good condition, and the price offered to you will reflect that. If you have a certificate of authenticity for your piece (a certified diamond for example), bring it to the appraisal.

Ross-Simons offers the most secure and easiest way to exchange your unwanted fine jewelry for cash. Visit our Selling Your Fine Jewelry site. Start by uploading an image of your diamond, designer or fine gemstone jewelry. Ship it to us insured, for free and receive your money in as little as 48 hours.

Organize and Store Your Jewelry

Jewelry Organizing Solutions

After years of developing an extensive and diverse jewelry collection, many women are left with one question…where do I put it all? There’s the everyday jewelry box, but what happens when you run out of room? Ross-Simons has unique jewelry storage choices that range from jewelry boxes to jewelry chests to jewelry cases that can organize your collection.

Small Jewelry Boxes

Keep smaller pieces in a traditional jewelry box or jewelry chest. One with a glass top creates easy viewing of your favorite pieces. Ring boxes and trinket boxes make great supplemental storage and they also serve as decorative home accents. You can keep your jewelry box out in the open atop your dresser for all to see, or hidden away in your closet — the choice is yours! But we have a feeling that you’re going to want to show it off.

Large Jewelry Organizers

Consider a spinning jewelry organizer to hold your larger items. For even more storage, jewelry armoires and cabinets can safely hold your entire collection of jewelry. Our “Safekeeper” armoires are so substantial, you’ll consider them a fine piece of furniture for your home decor. Some even serve as wall or floor mirrors for ultimate versatility. With all the room they provide, you’ll have a ball filling it up!

Travel Jewelry Storage

Easily keep your jewelry organized when traveling by using a travel jewelry book or roll. They hold just the right number of necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings for your next trip. In fun faux suede colors and patterns, you’ll enjoy taking them around everywhere. They are especially great for on-the-go business people and frequent flyers, or for college dormers with a limited amount of space.

Men’s Jewelry Boxes

Men have their accessories, too, and they need a place to keep them neat and safe. That is why we offer a selection of masculine organizers, including men’s jewelry chests for their dresser top, valet boxes for their desk, or watch boxes for their treasured timepieces. And for the handyman, we also carry watch winders and tool kits. These sophisticated organizers and tools for men make fabulous Father’s day and groomsman gifts.

No matter your storage dilemma, we have a solution for you. From hardwood, to veneer, to faux suede or leather, there’s a jewelry organizer to fit your style and budget.

Jewelry Care: Valuable Tips

Here are some simple tips on jewelry maintenance that won’t take much of your time.

Have your pearls seemed a little lackluster lately? This may be from a buildup of perfume, hairspray, cosmetics, or other beauty products. Pearls are very delicate, so these products can certainly do a number on them. However, there is an easy fix: after wear, use a soft cloth to wipe each pearl clean. This is a surefire way to restore shine and shimmer to each and every one.

Has your jewelry collection ever suffered casualties from your clothing? Make sure jewelry is the last thing you put on, even after makeup and perfume. You can unknowingly damage your gems if these products get on them. Jewelry should also be the first thing you take off. This will help you avoid snagging jewelry on clothing, which can result in damaging one or both items. By following these simple rules, you can ensure keeping your favorite pieces around for the long haul.

We all have at least one valuable piece of jewelry in our collections. Make sure you photograph these pieces in the unfortunate case that they are lost or stolen, as jewelry is very unique and hard to describe. Photos will be worth way more than descriptions in insurance claims or police reports.

A valuable tip to know is that extreme temperatures can do harm to your jewelry. Gemstones can be weakened when you walk out of the cold outdoors into the warm indoors. Try to avoid wearing delicate jewelry on especially frigid days or cover your rings and earrings with gloves and hats. Just be careful not to snag your jewelry on them.